About Us


Our first and highest priority at Cut Off Range Complex is safety, both for our guests and for the surrounding community. It is always at the forefront of our minds as we provide a clean, well appointed environment in which people can have fun.

Our staff allows guests broad latitude to enjoy themselves within the safety parameters of the range design and the skill level of that particular guest. The range is under continuous development with years worth of work planned. We want to be the premier range destination in the southeast United States.


Cut Off Range Complex was originally constructed in 2013 by Hugh Eymard and was run as Eymard Shooting Academy until his passing in 2016. He built the rifle range first followed by the gun shop building and the area now used as a pistol range (he originally intended for it to be used for skeet). Without his vision, investment, and persistence, the range would not exist.

The Eymard family then sold the range to Lee Bruce who operated it as FTS Outdoors until mid 2021. Kenny Bossetta of Meplat Group purchased the range nine days prior to Hurricane Ida and renamed the range Cut Off Range Complex.