Please click here for a link to our Hours and Directions page.

Please click here for a link to our Hours and Directions page.

The rifle range is 800 yards long. The pistol range is 50 yards long. Both have an abundance of steel targets. We also have stands and backers for paper targets. Paper targets can be purchased on site.

On the rifle range we allow aimed semi-auto fire of centerfire rifles. Rifles chambered in .50BMG or similar or in calibers based upon the .50BMG parent case may only be fired with a suppressor attached. We specifically prohibit non-shoulder fired weapons from the rifle range.

On the pistol range we allow all weapons chambered for rimfire and centerfire handgun rounds to be fired. We also allow some common CQB centerfire rifle rounds on the pistol range—5.56, .300BLK, 7.62×39, etc. for carbine training. We ask that you keep the more powerful battle rifle and hunting centerfire rifle rounds (.308 and up) on the rifle range.

Ask. Please ask. We don’t bite. In fact, we are super friendly and pretty cool and will allow you to do almost anything within the safe confines of your ability and the range’s capacity. Explain what you want to do (before you do it) and our knowledgeable and friendly range staff will let you know if it’s OK.

We ask one favor, in the rare case that you’ve laid out your argument and our Range Officer has said “No” please accept that and move on. Please don’t play range lawyer trying to parse our rules because the Range Officer has the right to stop any behavior at any time that he deems unsafe.

Remember, we want you to have a good time. We want you telling your friends how great this place is, but it has to be safe.